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Deploy JRuby Applications in Trial

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posted this on February 16, 2012 10:02 AM

To deploy a JRuby application on a trial account, follow this process:

Create an application and environment

For detailed help with these steps, see Set up your application and environment. These steps are the same for any trial account setup.

To create an application and environment

  1. Sign up for a trial account.
  2. Validate and start the trial account.
  3. Create your (JRuby) application.
    If you don’t have a JRuby application, choose our ToDo application located at: git://

Reconfigure the environment for JRuby

This procedure applies only to using JRuby on the trial account.

The trial was set up with a streamlined workflow that automatically creates a Ruby-based environment. To work around this, you stop the environment, reconfigure it as a JRuby one, and then boot the JRuby environment.

To reconfigure the environment for JRuby

  1. Make sure that the instance is loaded (that the indicator light is green).
  2. Click Stop to stop the environment.
  3. On the Environment, click Edit Environment.
  4. On the Edit the Environment page, set Application Server Stack to Trinidad.
    The Runtime defaults to JRuby 1.6.5 compatible with Ruby 1.8.7. For JRuby compatible with Ruby 1.9.2, set the Runtime to JRuby 1.6.5 (ruby–1.9.2-p136).
    Note: If you can’t edit the Application Server Stack, make sure that you have stopped the environment. Only stopped environments can be edited.
  5. Click Update Environment.
  6. On the Environment page, click Boot.
    This boots the JRuby environment for your application.

What next?

You can:

  • Click HTTP to visit the application.

  • Modify and redeploy your application.

If you have feedback or questions about this page, add a comment below. If you need help, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support.